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Heirloom Family Documentaries

Published in Hudson Valley Living, October 13, 2022

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Heirloom Family Documentaries

Legacy videos capture the life stories of families

“… and I spent those 12 days flat on my back until the day that the boat stopped and we were in America, in Hoboken, New Jersey. And every day on that ship, I would save my orange to bring to my mother, and when we got to customs, they took it away from me…and I cried, and my mother said, “Don’t cry, we’ll get you all the oranges you want.”

told by Rae S. Heirloom Family Documentaries client

Stories like this from your parents, grandparent, or great-grandparents can be safely stored for future generations before they are lost forever.

Do you wish someone could tell the stories of you and your siblings when you were little and that you could share that same story with your child and grandchildren?

98-Year-Old Grandmother Shares Her Story

I recently had the honor of interviewing a 98-year-old great-grandmother. In this 1-minute video, hear her talk about her experience of coming to America at the age of 12.

Your stories for future generations.

Published in Westchester Senior Voice, Winter 2021/2022

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Your Stories for Future Generations

When Covid hit, the Westchester Office of Economic Development responded with their Catalyst program to help 1,000 Westchester residents launch businesses. Participants took advantage of self-paced online course work to evaluate their business ideas, test them with potential customers and implement the plan if it seemed likely to succeed. Resources included mentorship, key personal introductions, and even grants to support their new businesses.

One Westchester resident who took advantage of the Launch1000 program was David Vogel. His concept: provide affordable videos of people telling their stories, to share with loved ones. With a background in producing documentaries and television commercials for over 30 years, Vogel decided to interview and record his own dad who shared many life lessons and opened the door to Vogel’s next venture. Vogel makes the process of creating family legacy videos – which can be shared with future generations – as simple as possible, without the need for video crews, travel expenses or having strangers in your home. 

Starting at $1,500 for a two-hour interview, Vogel produces roughly 70 minutes of content. The video, however, is actually several videos as each story lives on as its own separate video so viewers can listen to individual stories without having to sit through one entire video.

If the client prefers, videos can be stored and accessed online. Vogel also provides thumb drives of the videos. To learn more visit, call (914) 354-3666 or email

Don’t live a life of regret

If you are interested in a family legacy video of someone in your family, just complete the form below. Someone from our team will follow up with you in the next 24 to 48 hours to discuss the specifics of your video and help you get started.

We look forward to telling your family story and creating something special to be shared with generations to come.

Client Testimonials

Hear what some of our clients shared about having their parent or grandparent’s stories on video.