Protect their stories. Continue their legacy.

Preserve their life, love, and legacy before it’s too late

Enjoy their stories. Remember their voice. Feel their presence

Document your loved one’s story now, and preserve their memories in the years to come with a family legacy video: A family heirloom to share with your kids, their grandkids, and generations to come

Pass their presence on as a present to future generations

Create a family heirloom with a

family legacy video

A legacy video isn’t just a gift for them but a gift for you.

Your kids. Their kids.

Your grandchildren and great-grandchildren might not get the chance to know them truly. Let this be their chance by creating a family heirloom you can pass on to the next generation.

Bringing families together, one story at a time.

It all starts with you.

It all starts with them.

It all starts today.

A wise person once said we all die twice:


The first time is when we take our very last breath.

The second time is when the very last person utters our name.

Don’t let stories get untold.

Don’t leave questions unanswered.

Don’t let legacies become forgotten.

Legacy Video Examples

At Heirloom, we believe every life matters, and each of us has a story to tell. Seeing is believing, so take a look at a few examples for yourself.

Enjoy their stories now. Cherish them in the years to come.

How a family legacy video works

Their story matters. Your family’s story matters. That’s why we’ve created a simple, easy, and  affordable process that makes having a legacy video accessible to more families.

Available anywhere in US

We can interview your loved one no matter where they live. Using our 100% remote video production process we are available in all 50 states and around the globe — no camera crew, no travel costs, no stress.

80% Less than Competition

In-person video crews and complex setups can cost anywhere from $6,500 to $15,000, plus travel fees. Our innovative approach allows you to select a 2, 3, or 4-hour interview. We respect your time, budget, and privacy.

Easy to Enjoy

No one has time to watch a 90-minute video. Instead, we edit every story into its own 2 to 10-minute video “episode.” Our 2-hour interview results in 25 different videos. Watch the story you want, when you want, from any device you want.

Relaxed Interview

By eliminating the crew and video equipment we make the experience more intimate and enjoyable for your parents.

Uncover their forgotten stories

Discover stories you didn’t even know existed.

We think we know our parents. But they’ve experienced an entire lifetime before us. A family legacy video gives you a chance to ask questions you never have. To learn more about their stories and revive their deepest memories. To know and love them even more while they’re still here.  At the end of the day, we’re the stories, memories, and words we leave behind.

The greatest family heirloom is their story, their life, their voice, and their smile.

Let your parents, grandparents, or loved ones pass that on to you and those to come.

Sharing the stories that matter

Hear what our clients had to say about their Heirloom legacy video experience:

David Vogel, owner of Heirloom Family Documentaries

David Vogel, CEO of Heirloom

My name is David Vogel, and for over 25 years, I worked in Hollywood and New York City on feature films, documentaries, music videos, and national TV commercials. After creating my father’s legacy video, I decided to help other families make their legacy videos, but cost was a major problem. Professional video production companies charge $6,500, if not more, to create a legacy video, and that didn’t even include travel expenses. I knew this was too much money for most families, so I set out on finding a way to make it more affordable.

In 2020, I developed a new way that replaces the in-person video crew with a virtual one. There are no travel expenses, making it available to families anywhere in the country. It also eliminates 80% of the cost. I love this work and the impact it is having on families. I hope you will allow us to interview your loved one. You will be glad you did.

Frequently Asked Questions

A professional, in-person video crew will be able to use professional cameras, lighting and audio so you will get the highest image and sound quality but you will pay 5 to 10 times more. Their pricing usually starts at $6.500 and can go up to $25,000.

The question is do you really need that level of quality? The optics and software built into today’s smartphones allow them to produce high-quality HD and 4K video. We use a custom Apple iPhone that we send to clients for their interview. The quality is so good, it would be difficult to distinguish the difference. To maximize the image and sound quality, we also include a small tripod and wired microphone. Please take a look at examples of our videos above to see for yourself.

We offer 3 different packages. Our silver package includes a 2-hour interview, our gold package includes a 3-hour interview and our platinum package includes a 4-hour interview. For the gold and platinum packages, we can break up the interview into 2 sittings but need to be completed in one or two consecutive days.

If you are interested in a longer interview, we can add additional hours to your package. Just let us know when ordering and we will let you know the additional cost.

If you would like us to interview both parents or grandparents, that is possible. We can interview them separately as well as together.

  • They need to know their WiFi network name and password so they can connect our Apple iPhone to the internet
  • They will need some manual dexterity to attach a microphone to their shirt or blouse.
  • They will need to attach the Apple iPhone to the supplied tripod and adjust the positioning and framing
  • They will need to launch a mobile app, pre-installed on the Apple iPhone