Video Examples

At Heirloom we don’t just make a single 90-minute video that no one will watch. Instead, we edit each story into its own 2 to 10-minute video. This way you can watch the story you want to watch. Here are a few examples of those videos for you to watch.

Rae Spielzinger

In this video, Rae tells the story of how she helped her husband, Joe, live out his life long dream.

Genevieve Corwin

In this video, Genevieve tells the colorful story of her great-great-grandmother, Miria, who was a midwife. 

Ida Vellone

In this video, Ida tells the story of how she and the other wives in the neighborhood would get together and iron laundry.

Client Testimonials

Here are video testimonials from several of our clients who hired us to interview their loved ones.

Ellen Lott

We interviewed Ellen’s 98-year-old mother, Rae, from her home in Delray, Florida

Andy Zapata

We interviewed Andy’s 84-year-old grandmother, Blanca, from his home in Miami, Florida

Linda Tighe

We interviewed Linda’s 86-year-old mother, Genevieve, from her home in Pennsylvania.