What is a Legacy Video?

A family legacy video is a video that tells the personal story of someone’s life in there own words. There are many ways to create a legacy video. It can be based on old photographs and just use a person’s voice. It could be based on video interviews with the person as well as video interviews with other family members. It could be based on interview footage and newly recorded supplemental footage of the person as they are today.

As much as there are many ways of creating a family legacy video, one thing is common among them all… stories. We all love a good story and many of us have amazing stories inside to share, if someone just asked.

Let’s face it. None of us are going to live forever so a family legacy video is our opportunity to freeze time and allow us to get to know someone on a much deeper level where they can create something to share with family members and future generations.  

A legacy video is our opportunity to reflect on our life and share our wisdom, life lessons and celebrate the things that we are grateful for.